Organic Sediment Removal Pond Cleaning Service

“A Leader in Pond Restoration Since 1990″

We are the original founders of a new, innovative pond-cleaning system.

Always improving, but never duplicating, our system is tried and proven for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. New to the industry, we are restoring water quality for all.

Removing Sediment the Environmentally-Friendly Way

**Notice the poor water quality and the green algae mass in the picture. These are typical conditions of any pond after years of accumulating organic material or MUCK. Decomposing so slowly at the bottom, the build-up acts as mother nature’s natural fertilizer plant, now promoting a nutrient-rich bio mass and setting ideal conditions for massive algae and weed growth, saturating toxic gases into the water column.***


Dredging is only effective when the pond has been completely drained, allowing the bottom sediment time to dry. Only then can it be mechanically removed with heavy equipment such as bulldozers and draglines. This means relocating all of the aquatic life and disturbing the entire ecological system of the pond, basically starting over again.


The new solution is environmental-friendly. The pond does not have to be drained and aquatic life does not have to be relocated. This new system that I developed goes straight to the bottom of the problem and removes the organic sediment (or MUCK) very efficiently and effectively without the use of heavy equipment.

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How Our Pond Cleaning Services
Naturally Renew Your Pond

  • Restoring ponds to their original bottom without disturbing existing aquatic life.
  • Removing bottom sediments without damage to the existing landscape.
  • Dramatically reducing weed and algae problems.
  • Greatly increasing water quality for a healthy environment.
  • Expanding living space for your fish.
  • Costing up to 75% less than conventional dredging.

Pond Restoration | Nationwide

We are located in Wisconsin and provide Pond Cleaning and Sediment Removal Services throughout the United States. Some areas we commonly serve are Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, Rockford, and everywhere in between.