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Quality Pond Cleaning & Maintenance Service since 1990

Hi, my name is Rich Kohutko, the owner and founder of Organic Sediment Removal Systems, LLC. In 1990, I developed a unique system that removes organic sediment from the bottom of ponds right down to the hard bottom and restores them to their natural beauty.

As a Rescue Diver with the Juneau County Sheriff’s Department Dive Team and the owner of two ponds, I became very concerned with the condition of my ponds. Even though I was spending large amounts of money on them, they continued to deteriorate rapidly.

After further study of the ponds, I discovered that the bottom had accumulated 1 1/2 to 2 feet of MUCK: a substance sealing off the entire bottom, clogging springs and stopping any ground flow of fresh water, leaving it stagnant and dying.

This MUCK, which was comprised of leaves, weeds, and other matter, was being decomposed by anaerobic bacteria – a very slow process. So slow in fact, it could not keep up with the annual accumulation of debris. This anaerobic bacteria and organically rich MUCK was actually feeding the plant kingdom, compounding the problem with more weed and algae growth. It was also poisoning the clean, oxygenated water by saturating it with nitrogen and methane gases. Typically, this is mother nature’s way of filling in ponds and transforming them into marshes.

About Owner & Professional Pond Cleaner, Richard J. Kohutko

  • Owner of Two Ponds
  • Founder of “OSR Systems”
  • Rescue Diver and Dive Master
  • Business Owner since 1975
  • Reliable and Dependable
  • Satisfied Customers

Realizing the problem, and after some experimentation, I developed a very unique system, unlike any other, to efficiently remove the organic sediment from the bottom of ponds, restoring them to their original condition. Organic Sediment Removal Systems has been restoring ponds since 1990.

Removing the organic sediment from ponds is the first and most important step in restoring them to their natural beauty. Once this MUCK is removed, you will notice the difference as your pond starts to revive itself back into the animal kingdom, providing microorganisms for fish and other aquatic wildlife that thrive in healthy ponds.