4 Fall Pond Care Tips

Keeping a pond looking its very best requires year-round care and maintenance. Fortunately, your team at Organic Sediment Removal Services knows exactly what how to keep your pond pristine. Here are some tips for keeping your pond in shape during the Fall.
Clear The Surface
While the changing colors and falling leaves look beautiful, they can […]

3 Springtime Pond Care Tips

To keep a pond looking its best requires year round care and maintenance. Fortunately, your team at Organic Sediment Removal Services knows exactly what to do. Here are some tips for keeping your pond in shape during the Spring time, when you start preparing it for peak season.

If you’ve taken the proper steps for […]

3 Tips for Restoring a Pond to Its Former Beauty

Have a pond that just can’t seem to stay healthy? Chances are that you added a pond to your property because you wanted something that was beautiful to look at. However, your pond can’t look its best when it’s constantly being invaded with muck, algae, and weeds. Learn a few things you can do […]

How to Care for your Pond in Winter, Part 2

Last month, we looked at a few winter care tips for ponds; however, even if you’re following those tips, there’s still more that you could be doing to keep your pond healthy until it thaws in the spring.

Keep the surface of your pond and the its banks clean and clear of debris. Winter storms […]

How to Care for your Pond in Winter


It’s been a cold start to winter in Wisconsin.  However, just because your pond has frozen over does not mean you can ignore it until spring!   During times of frigid temperatures, you may actually need to increase your pond care methods.  Here are some tips to get you started:

Use a De-Icer to keep a […]

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The Importance of Pond Conservation

Ponds are little containers of biodiversity; however, because ponds are small standing bodies of water, they may be easily disrupted by human activity.  Activities such as overgrazing by cattle, fertilization and sewage runoff may damage the delicate balance of pond’s health.  Even the well-intentioned addition of fish, plants, or retaining walls can cause damage […]

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What the MUCK?

If your pond is exhibiting signs of distress such as algae overgrowth and dying fish or plants, MUCK might the culprit.  What is MUCK?

MUCK is comprised of leaves, weeds and other organic matter that is decomposed by anaerobic bacteria, which is a very slow process.  The decomposition process is so slow that it cannot […]

Healthy Life Cycles of Ponds

Protecting the Delicate Stages of Pond Life
Whether a pond is made naturally or by humankind, all ponds experience a similar life cycle, and a healthy pond will soon be home to a rich diversity of plant and animal life. As the pond matures over long periods of time, so does the succession of plants […]

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How to Care for Your Pond in the Fall

Some Quick Advice to Clean your Pond during the Autumn/Fall Transition
The most difficult season to maintenance your pond is during the fall/autumn transition. One of the main reasons is the falling of leaves, which can throw off the pond’s ecological balance, but here are a few tips for maintain the fish, plant life, and […]

Summer Pond Maintenance Tips

How to Care for your Pond
Proper summer pond maintenance is critical to maintaining the overall health of your pond year round. Here are a few tips to help keep your pond looking gorgeous:
• Be sure to remove dead foliage before it starts to build up. As leaves yellow and brown, you can […]

How Our Pond Cleaning Services
Naturally Renew Your Pond

  • Restoring ponds to their original bottom without disturbing existing aquatic life.
  • Removing bottom sediments without damage to the existing landscape.
  • Dramatically reducing weed and algae problems.
  • Greatly increasing water quality for a healthy environment.
  • Expanding living space for your fish.
  • Costing up to 75% less than conventional dredging.